If you want a conspiracy look in the mirror!

While everyone seems to have it in for Bill Gates right now, the more I read about the history of agribusiness’ relationship with the influenza virus and the more I realise about modern food’s impact on our health (and immune system…) the more I begin to think we’re missing the real conspirators here.

I’m going to present a case that the root of our problems with regard covid-19 and all the restrictive measures that have followed lies somewhere between our farming practises and our attitude to health.

If there are powers in government and industry that wish to control us, they can only do so because of our weakness. We are weak because of the lazy, greedy choices we make as individuals every single day – especially around health, food and farming.

Co investors of big pharma and agribusiness

If you’re not inclined to believe covid was created in some lab as a weapon, and if you don’t think these things happen by chance… then the coronavirus pandemic of 2020 most likely originated in bats in south east asia whose natural habitats had been destroyed to grow commodities – or maybe animal feed.

Big agricultural business has form in this matter:

  • the H1N1 swine flu outbreak of 2009 appears to have originated in a pig confinement operation in North Carolina.
  • the H5N1 bird flu outbreak in 1997 evidently originated in Chinese chicken farms

There are many more…

We know these farms have caused infectious disease before and will continue to. And we know the food that results from these farms is bad for us. Really bad… And we know that many of the health conditions the food contributes to make us more susceptible to covid. So suddenly we have a convergence of interests between agribusiness and the pharmaceutical companies who are developing treatments.

In other words, big pharma benefit hugely financially from the large scale, big profit, big environmental damage practices of big agriculture:

  • bad farming practises increases the likelihood of a pandemic
  • the resulting bad food decreases our resistance to that pandemic
  • therefore we are more likely to need pharmaceuticals to survive

The worse the conditions of animals are, the more likely they are to spread flu etc and the worse the resulting food is the more likely we are to get really sick with it. And the pharmaceutical giants make a ton of money from the fallout putting us back together.

And guess what? It turns out Vanguard group are major investors in both pharmaceuticals and agribusiness. Same for Morgan Stanley, JP Morgan and more – the information is publicly available.

Give money to one company that causes a pandemic – make money from another selling the cure? Seriously?

It is happening, that much is certain – but are they doing it on purpose or is it just happy coincidence?

Are they really that cynical?

Could anyone REALLY be cynical enough to put money into large agricultural land owners who are operating farming practises that they KNOW tempt a flu pandemic both with their environmental impact and the health impact of eating the damn food… AND could they simultaneously be investing in pharmaceutical companies who are touting (and almost forcing on us now) their vaccines as the only solution?

Could someone really engineer that consciously?

Honestly I doubt it. But nevertheless these common interests exist and we as consumers, on the whole turn a blind eye to them.

Wake up and actually do something!

I get frustrated with right wing groups on the net complaining about facemasks and vax passports. The political pressure will always be there to do these things if we keep causing the problems that governments use as excuses. Coronavirus may not justify the level/nature of action societies have taken, but people died, hospitals struggled to cope and no-one can expect governments to just sit idly by and watch that happen. We’re clearly not doing anything about it as individuals in any significant numbers.

In order to stop them we need to prove beyond doubt that we are responsible enough to look after ourselves – and that we *don’t* need looking after by government and corporations. This means giving a damn about the consequences of our own actions on the environment and on our own health.

This means not treating health and disease like they’re random and behaving like we’re helpless. It means being pro-active in seeking alternatives to being vaccinated.

This means looking at where our food and indeed any product we spend our money on comes from and thinking about the consequences of how it was made on the world and the consequences on our bodies of eating it. Yes EVERYTHING you buy – it is YOUR responsibility to be aware of what you are causing.

The day the conspiracy to control us ends and falls flat on its face has nothing to do with taking off our masks. It has nothing to do with breaking curfew or refusing to take a vaccine even. Those things are just symptomatic of who is in charge.

We are being controlled because we are not taking responsibility for our actions – behaving like spoilt children. When we stop behaving like spoilt children they will no longer be able to control us.

How do we end this?

The day it all ends will be the day we refuse to pick up our food, often pre-made, always unfair and unethical from supermarket supply chains that always lead back to big agribusiness, exploitation and destruction.

The day it all ends is the day we choose and prepare our food carefully from sources that cared. Food is not a drug, it is a medicine, an essential and a lasting joy.

The day it all ends is the day we start to reclaim our health and health care as much as we can for ourselves. Then modern medicine can provide its advances when they are needed rather than selling them with threats of what will happen to us otherwise.

Then the knot of agricultural production, banks, food, flu, health care and government simply unravels.

All these changes are in the hands of each and every one of us. If there is a conspiracy it’s in each and every one of us who lazily or greedily gives over our lives to brands and one size fits all solutions – more than anything I’m talking about our food and how it’s produced but on some level this applies to everything we buy.

It’s a long road to change this. It can’t happen over night. But with a decision it can start to change tomorrow.

Let us conspire to something new.